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Tuesday, January 27

Finished, I think!

So my plan was to have some really nice photos of my new stuff, my mom's bead embroidered flower and my beaded tin.  But, I felt like crap this morning and barely made it into the lab.  And the only reason I did go to the lab was because I have a undergrad student on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and no one else is crazy enough to be there at 7:30am.  So that's where I am as I write this. Which means no pretty photos of my latest pieces. 

I did finish my beaded tin.  I think.  I'm letting it sit for a while and see what I think of it.  I think I like it, I'm just not completely sure, this is the first one I've ever done.  

This is where I am right now (I promise I'll have better photos by the end of the week).  I think I like the top, but I'm still thinking about the sides.  What do you think?  Keep it, change it?  I'd love some constructive criticism. 

Monday, January 26

Weekend Wrap Up

Well another weekend has passed us by and another Monday is upon us.  The snow is falling in large flakes here today, but I don't think we're supposed to get hit with a lot, 1-3 inches.  It's quite lovely, but I'm still ready for winter to be over and warmer weather.

Anywho, this weekend was nice and relaxed.  J and I have decided we need to get a treadmill (who wants to run in the cold and snow), so Saturday we went and checked out our options.  I'm really hoping to get that in the next week or so.  It will be so nice to have something in the house.  And I'm already planning my treadmill laptop table, so I can walk while I do things like edit photos and write blog posts.  I'll keep everyone updated on that.

I also to a new little present for myself.

It's a stud press setter and I can't wait to use it.  It sets studs in leather, so that means I don't need to do it by hand anymore.  My hands are already thanking me because setting studs by hand is not a fun job.  Sometimes my fingers are so sore after, I can't even type on the computer.  So I'm pretty psyched about this.  Unfortunately, the studs I have are too large (even though the company told me they were 6mm studs), so now I need to find new 6 mm black studs.  Hopefully I can, but boy it sure is hard to find some.  If anyone knows of a place to find black pyramid studs in a 6mm size, let me know, I will be forever greatful to you.

On Sunday my mom, sister, and my two nieces stopped by.  It was a nice day to just get caught up and hang out.  I gave my mom the beaded flower I made for her.  She liked it a lot.  And J and I enjoyed playing with my niece.  This was also the first time we had seen the baby.  She was so tiny, yet little Yoda was terrified of her for the first few hours.  She got over it.

So that was my weekend.  What did everyone else do?  I'd love to hear about it.  

Friday, January 23

Friday Freebie

Is the week almost over already?  This week seemed to fly by.  It was exceptionally busy week in the lab.  But I don't mind when it's busy, it makes the time go by much faster.  It wasn't an overly exciting week.  We have a new neighborhood owl that was hanging out in the back yard the other night.  That's cool.  I would really like to get a better look at him someday, see what type of owl he is.  We had an amazing dinner with friends at a local seafood restaurant last night.  The food was absolutely amazing.  It was a pretty fun night.  But other then that, the week was the same old.  

I'm working on a finishing up a few beady projects.  I have a new embroidered flower that I will share next week.  I'm hoping to have my beaded tin finished up by the end of the weekend, so I will also have that to share with you.  And I'm slowly, but surely, working on finishing up the solar system project.  Someday I'll finish that. 

But enough about the boring aspects of my life, let's get to that freebie.

This is such a neat freebie.  This pack contains one quick page.

Don't have My Memories software, don't worry about it.  You can use my promo code, STMMMS11215, to get $10 off the My Memories Software and then an additional $10 off any purchase in the store. That's a pretty cool deal. The My Memories folks have some really great scrapbooking things. And even if you don't scrapbook, the software and extras are really awesome. I don't scrapbook, but I love the software to make interesting blog post pictures. I even used it to make some labels for my homemade granola bars, so J wouldn't have to guess flavors anymore. Just use STMMMS11215 to get the discounts.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and stay creative. 
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Wednesday, January 21

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 19

Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend has passed and another Monday is here.  This past weekend was nice, nothing too exciting happening here.  J and I did some shopping.  J got a new coffee maker, which made him quite a happy boy.  We went to a friends house to watch the playoff games (the game did not end very well) an then celebrated their son's 5th birthday.  It was nice.

I have been working on a new beady project.  I've been working on my first beaded tin.  It's been pretty fun.  I decided to start with a small tin and then I would work my way up to a larger one.  Hey, we got a ton of tins laying around the house after Christmas, I had to find something to do with them.

Here was my first attempt.  I liked the beads towards the inside, but just wasn't feeling the rest of it.  Sometimes that's how it works.  So I ripped out most of it and started over.

I'm much happier with the second attempt.  The little glass flowers add some dept and are also pretty fun. 

This is where I am right now.  I've started beading around the sides.  I'm pretty excited to get this done.  I should be able to finish this little guy up soon and then it's one to a bigger project.  I've already started thinking about what to do next. 

But before I start on another tin I should really finish up this guy.  I'm working on it, I promise.

So what did everyone else do this past weekend?  I'd love to hear about it. 
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