Wednesday, May 7

This is my first blog entry!!!!!

Okay, so I’m down to two months until the art show. I’m getting a tad nervous. Ok, ok a little bit more then a tad nervous. I’m extremely nervous. Poor Jeremiah has to put up with my craziness for the next two months, and I’m sure it will only get worse the closer to the show. But this is my first show and I’m allowed to be a little crazy. I want this to be perfect. First impressions are the most important, so I need to make the best first impression I can imagine.

I’m just not sure if I’m ready or I can afford this. I’m so scared that I’m going to put all this effort into it, and I’m going to be screwed in the long run, because I’m not going to make any money. But Jeremiah told me this is my first show and I may not make any money, I just have to work super hard at getting my name out there. So I need to order a crap load more of business cards and maybe some postcard type things and even some brochures. So much to think about.

I also need to get the table cloths made, the canopy ordered, the displays designed so Jeremiah can make them, and well that’s just the beginning. I just placed, what I hope, is my last order for findings and other supplies. Every order I tell myself that, “this will be the last,” every damn time. I think I’m pretty good on glass, so no surprise orders there, lets just hope that are no surprise sales; those are my weaknesses.

Oh my god my head is just spinning right now. And on top of everything, I found a fantastic deal on a laptop through work, so even though I told myself I didn’t need a new one until next summer, I ended up ordering it. I can thank Jeremiah for that one. But it was an exception deal, and I am super excited about getting it. I have to wait a while because it’s custom built, so two more weeks to go.

I really wish I could just forget about work and focus on my art, but I can’t. I’m being hounded to finish up a project that was first started back in 2003 or something, and now I just got a crap load of new cases. So I have to keep on working on cases at work, and try to stay focused. Oh this is very nerve wrecking. I just wish I could take the next two months off and focus on the important things, but I can’t. I guess my job is a pretty important thing too; I need to get paid to keep eating and paying bills. Oh how it would be great to be a self-sustaining artist, but no, I’m a part time artist and a full time researcher. That’s just how life goes.

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