Wednesday, June 4

One More Month To Go

So I'm now down to one month before my FIRST SHOW. I'm getting so nervous now. There are so many things that I worry about. Do I have enough product, will my displays be done, will my set up look professional enough, will I sell anything? Just things like that are running through my head.

But on the other hand, I'm getting excited. My first show. It's going to be fun. I'll get to connect with my customers and see first hand how people react to my stuff. I'm really getting excited about that.

But then I go back to worrying. I'm pretty sure I have enough product. I'm trying to focus just on getting some glass beads done this last month. I'm sort of lacking in that department. Mostly because I just don't feel I'm very good at making beads. I really should find a class around here. See my mind just always finds new things to worry about. :(

Hopefully the trip to Chicago to see our friend on leave from Iraq this weekend will calm me down a bit. It will be a nice little vacation. Too bad I've already decided to bring beads with and have been trying to figure out a way to take my torch (I can't, but I keep thinking maybe....)

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