Tuesday, July 8

My 1st Show is This Sunday

Well the time has come, my fisrt ever arts and crafts show is this weekend. I'm so nervous, but at the same time excited. I know that I have nice work, now I just have to convince myself that other people think that too. This is such a nerve wracking situation. I'm hoping once the first one is over with, the rest will be a little bit easier to handle. But I guess I'll see. I hope the spot I got is a good one. All I want to some feed back from people, and well a few sales wouldn't hurt either.

But this Sunday I will be sitting in the small town of Beaver Dam, WI in Swan Park trying to convince people that they should spend their money on my things. This is going to be tough with the economy, but hopefully a few people will be in the mood to spend some dough.

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