Saturday, August 30

I Just Got A Squidoo Page

When I first heard about squidoo, I had no idea what that even meant. I mean what a weird word, what possibly could it be? Well I have been looking at some of the lenses, and decided it was pretty cool. So I created my first lens. (Lens are like your own personal web page about what ever you love; it can be anything.) It's just another way to help promote my store. I'm still working on it, I'm sure there is plenty I can do to make it way more interesting. Check it out.


The new Etsy-Beadweavers Challenge Theme has been announced. I'm so excited, it's a good one.

Drum Roll Please..............

Animal Instinct

I told you it was a good one. Julie of GemsbyJules won the August challenge with a really beautiful cuff, so she got to choose the October theme. I can't wait to see what all the really talented artists come up with. Now I just need to think about my design!!!!!


It's a miracle, they are actually sitting in the same window together. They are within a foot of each other and not trying to kill each other. We have had Toonces (the tiger stripe) for a little over a year now and Nacho still hates her. So when we see something like this, we have to document it, so when they are beating each other up in the basement, we can look back and remember the day when they got a long for a minute or two. And no they never hurt each other, Toonces thinks it's a game and Nacho thinks it's a battle to the death, but Nacho's such a scaredy-cat, nothing horrible would ever happen. She just growls and hisses when ever Toonces invades her personal space (or when anyone for that matter invades her space). Then they chase each other through the house at top speed until Toonces jumps on the cat tower (I guess that's goal) and Nacho (with a mohawk and huge poofed out tail) just looks turns around and finds a comfy place to sleep. I kinda thing that they both think they won respectively. Toonces thinks she outsmarted Nacho, and Nacho thinks she scared Toonces. Oh cats, they're always entertaining.


PurrPrints said...

Congrats on moving into the wonderful world of squidoo--dunno if you've already heard of us, but if not you might check out Team SquidEtsy on etsy--we're basically a team of etsians who squidoo and help each other out with lenses and cross-promotion. You can find our team forum thread by looking for "squidetsians" in the forums on etsy if you want to drop by.

Three Fates said...

Cool, I'll make sure to check out your thread.

The SquidEtsy blog was actually where I first heard about Squidoo. At first I was so confused on what a Squidoo was. But after I found out I thought it was such a great idea, I had to jump on board.

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