Wednesday, November 5

Back to Business

Well the US elections are over and I can get back to business. I have been completely captivated by this past election, I made sure I got my vote in, and made sure everyone I knew went and voted. But now I can get back to posting about handmade stuffs again.

^^Camera Update^^

As most of you know, I have been without a camera for about 6 months now. My precious (and brand new) Canon SLR had some pins break on it and was useless. I took it to have it repaired and the camera place quoted me almost $400, yeah that wasn't going to happen the camera was just a few months old. Then it sat on the bookcase for 6 long months waiting for J to fix it, because he swore he could. Well after months of me begging to send it in and after some research, he decided he couldn't fix it and didn't even want to try. So I sent it off to Canon, and got the best news ever. The repairs are covered under the warenty and it's going to cost me ZERO DOLLARS, and it will be back in my hands in about 7 days. I have been very impressed with the Canon customer service. They have been very quick to answer my emails (even on the weekends) and very friendly when I have questions. And no I'm not getting paid to say this, I'm just that happy with the service (but the final verdict will be when my baby is safe back in my hands). Oh it will be such a happy day when I can start listing new things on Etsy and when I can start showing off my latest creations!

And a wonderful congratulations to Sen. Obama and his family for his historic win last night.

Okay, okay that's the last of the political crap out of me!!

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