Tuesday, November 11

I'm on the verge of tears right now!

Scroll down to see my normal posts. I'm not an angry person, I've just had it up to here with FedEx.


So many of you have listened to me whine about how my camera is broken . I'm really dieing here, I love to take pictures. But it's also affecting my business. I am unable to post new things in my etsy store or even share new things with people. It's not been a good time, I can only renew things so many times.

Let me start a few weeks back. I sent the camera to canon for some repairs, it had some bent CF pins and just needed some routine maintenance. A few days later I got an email that said that the damage was covered under the warranty and wouldn't cost a thing. Yippee!!! So I waited patiently, and last Thursday they said it was all fixed and would be shipped out overnight Friday. OMG I can't wait for my camera to be delivered. So I waited and NOTHING.

I called FedEx on Monday and they said it was still on it's way. So it has now taken you Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to get it here, for an overnight package. It only took the Postal Service 2 days to get it to NJ, and that was for the slowest, cheapest rate. Thank goodness this wasn't a sample being sent to my lab, it wouldn't be good any more. But okay, it's only a day.

So I check the progress, and notice it didn't make it to Milwaukee until this morning. It took from Fri to Tues morning just to get to Milwaukee, that seems odd? And for an overnight package it sure seems like it's stopped at a lot of different facilities. Again this seems odd. But I don't really know that much about the shipping industry.

So I call up FedEx for the third time, and of course I have to go through the 20 min of automated menus. Then I ask "is my package out for delivery?" and the reply is "of course it is, it should be there before 4:30." Okay, so I'll leave work early because normal people work until 4:00/5:00.

So I pack up my stuff at lunch and head home. And at about 1:30 the FedEx guy shows up. So now I've sort of forgotten all my hatred and started to get giddy.

Well one of the 1st things out of the guy's mouth is, "does this feel wet to you?"


So the guy marks down that it was wet and late and goes on his marry way.

Now at this point I'm still not pissed, a little irritated, but not pissed. I look at the box, it got so wet that the box has now done that shriveled, wavy thing paper does when it gets wet. The tape isn't even sticking to it any more. It's okay, I tell myself, the camera is wrapped in bubble wrap and in a second box, it will be fine.

I cut open the box, and take out the second box and guess what; IT'S ALSO WET, you can see where the water damaged the box and everything inside of it is damp. OMG, my camera. So I grab the card and the battery, pop those babies in, and then.......... no pictures. It will take pictures, but nothing shows up on the screen. The LCD works, it just won't display newly taken pictures.

So my first call was to Canon. Thank god they are so damn friendly. I got to talk to real person right away and was transferred to a tech who tried to help me out. He then said it needed to come back and he would make sure Canon paid for shipping (UPS this time) and the camera would be marked expedited. So I get to send my baby back in for repairs.

I have already written a nasty statement to FedEx about how they were completely irresponsible and that if the camera shows sign of water or moisture damage I will be filling a claim. I plan on emailing and/or calling them every day until I get some sort of response.

The bad thing is that this is not the first time I've had trouble with FedEx. They are constantly loosing things, or claim they can't find the house. Both me and J have received damaged items. It's just too much and I vow never ever to use FedEx again, if I have another option I will use it. A woman can only take so much before she breaks, and this is too much. I am not an angry person, I just am so upset at this point!


Okay I am done with my rant (for now) and things can get back to normal.


NanjoDogz said...

I feel your pain and can just imagine what you've been through! Any time my camera, computer or any of my gadgets breaks down is disaster enough, but then having to deal with these companies today is a real nightmare, telephone automation hell!

Amy said...

Ugh. Sounds awful. Sorry its been so trying for you. i know how complicated life can get when we lose our gadgetry.

The Jillybean said...

I feel that way about Maytag! I HATE Maytag

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