Monday, November 24

New Necklace on Etsy!

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I just listed this great necklace up on etsy this afternoon. It's a fun beaded bead.

I have always seen beaded beads and been amazed. How did they do that? Well this summer I got the courage to try one out myself. This is not my first one, my first one is mine to keep, not really perfect, but close to me because I had the courage to try.

I made a total of four of these this summer. I'm so proud in myself. I stepped outside the box and accomplished something new.

This bead consists of purple and black Czech seed beads beaded around a little wooden wheel (yup there's a little wooden wheel under all those beads). I then used some sterling silver wire to make it into a pendent and then strung it on a simple strand of black beads. All the findings in this necklace are sterling silver.

The bead measures between 1in and 1 1/4in. Really fun to wear with jeans.

You can find this necklace HERE in my etsy store.


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iceah said...

love the gold and white hoops best c:

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's very cute!

iceah said...

hey! you changed your avatar to my fav pair c: so nice c:

iceah said...

I shall be a frequent visitor here am also the girl on top that is my other blog c: am a frequent dropper too c:

Three Fates said...

Thanks for all the awesome comments 8-)

And those are my favorite pair of earrings too, but I had to change it back to my contest one for the rest of the week!

iceah said...

posted your give away and your blog on my blog view it hope you like it c:

iceah said...

wanna know your name to put it on my blog roll c:

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