Saturday, November 1

November has begun!

Well today was my last show of the year. It went pretty well. I sold a few things, had a bunch of people take cards, and I even got a custom order out of it. So over all I am pleased. But I do have to admit that I was pretty bummed at first. I had only sold two beads, a penguin and a snow man, before 1:00. I started to feel like I wasn't going to sell anything, but luckily a rush came through. So over all I'm pretty happy.

So now I'm done with art and craft shows for the year, but I still have a home show or two. And I think I have finally worked up enough courage to apply to the fancy art shows next year. I had a couple people tell me my worked was definitely good enough for the upscale shows. YAY!!!

And I don't want to forget my top entrecard droppers for the month of October. I'm so grateful for everyone that drops in. Thank you all very much.

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Congrats on the sales! Your beads are wonderful :D

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on your show sales! Those penguin beads are adorable!

OLLIE MCKAY ~ A Chic Boutique For Girls Who Shop and Girls Who Golf ~ And lots of Yada in between~ Enjoy! said...

Yes, I, too, think you have fabulous beads! And these little penguins are soooo cute. . . reminds so much of watching "March with the Penguins"!!!

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