Thursday, November 13

Trying New Things

So I've been trying new things lately, well really for the last few months (or more).

I've realized to make it as an independent artist, as well as in this economy, I must apply myself. I have to go out there and grab my future buyer, I can't just wait for them to come to me. At this point in time I don't need to sell things to put food on the table (I have a day time job for that), but someday I'd like this to be full time (and I would love for that day to be soon). I want to build my business and get as many potential customers as possible.

Some of the things I'm trying are: 1) this blog, 2) entrecard (have found so many great blogs), 3) Project Wonderful (as you can see I also have ad space at the top and the side of my blog), 4) Spott, 5) LinkExchange, 6) Squidoo, 7) Facebook, 8) myspace, 9) mulitple forums, 10) working on my own website, 11) shows and festivals, 12) leaving my card wherever I can, and 13) twitter. I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember them off hand.

Well my newest venture is Art Fire. This is a community like Etsy that offers handmade products. It offers two different memberships, a premium membership and a free membership. Yes I said that right FREE. They do not charge you to list items or charge you a fee when you sell items. You just pay your monthly fee (or not if you have the free membership). I'm really liking it so far. Okay I've only been a member for about two days, but so far so good. And don't worry, I won't be leaving Etsy any time soon. I really love Etsy, I'm just branching out.

I currently have two items up for sale there right now.

One is a fun red, white, black multi-strand bracelet. It's fun and can be paired with anything. I really love multi-strand bracelets.

The other is a pair of lampwork earrings. They are some of my absolute favorite. I was tempted to keep them for myself. They have this great red/orange/yellow fiery frit and then I accented them with man made hematite. Oooh, I do love these.

You can find these two items HERE. Yes I only have two items so far, and I only have the free membership, but that might change in the next couple of days.

And now I'm heading over to 1000 Markets, maybe I'll be opening a little shop there. Who Knows?


Don't forget to stop by the Etsy Beadweavers Blog to vote for your favorite entry this month, only a couple days left.


Melissa said...

Like you, I too would love to have my jewelry making be a job, that would sustain my income. While I love nursing, as I get older, I find I want to do other things. I will check Art Fire, thank you for sharing it. Good luck with your endeavors

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