Saturday, November 8

What's a Twitter???

So I've been hearing all about Twitter. Everyone I knows is talking about it, and as I start to get older, and my youngest sister makes her way through her teenage years, I am starting to feel old (and I know I'm not old yet but there is a very large age gap between the youngest and the oldest amongst my siblings; when the rest of us are moved out, getting married, and starting families, she's almost old enough to drive, but I digress, maybe I'll tell that story some other day). Really twitter is the new big thing on the Internet, and I've not heard??? Where have I been??? I thought I was cool and up on everything there had to be about this internets. And something has gotten by me. I can't believe it.

So I got my butt over there the other set up my twitter page (or what ever you call it). You can check it out HERE. You can follow me and keep up with all the things going on with my etsy store and my squidoo page, as well as some other things about me. It's a real fun way to just say what on my mind all the time. I also added a little Twitter update to the side of my blog.

Check it out and maybe start yours today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have to keep twittering in check or it can take up a lot of time! But it is a fun way to network.

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