Monday, December 15

Pretty Lace Rings

So I have only been making beaded rings for about a year now. I had seen beaded rings, but I just never thought about making one. Oh silly me, what was I thinking. So over the last couple days I've been trying to get a few pictures of some of these rings. Here are a couple "lace" rings.

The first is a dark silver color. I love this one (okay, I love all of them). These tiny beads are all transparent and then silver lined. So they have a very nice shiny look, and it sparkles in the light.

The second on is the same design, but a much lighter silver color, just as pretty as the first. I used a clear bead that is silver lined, so it still has the wonderful light catching look.

Like I said I love these rings. I have a bunch of them in all kids of different colors. What could be more fun then a beaded ring? Not much I say, not much at all.

Both rings can be found in my 1000markets store. I'm really enjoying 1000markets right now.

I am also working with some new backgrounds for my pictures. I bought four new backgrounds, no more boring gray backgrounds any more for me. I'm really liking the black and white one and the light brown one (seen in these two pictures). I think it adds a little bit more depth to my pictures. Now all I need is a macro lens, and I think I'll be set for my photography equipment for now.


Lucky Girl said...

Those are lovely! It's nice to hear positive things about 1000 Markets, too. I registered there but haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet.

Three Fates said...

Yeah, I like 1000markets. I'm hoping to bring in some sales from there, but I like that you can upload all your photos at once, instead of one at a time. I also like the feeling, but I'm still getting the feel for it and I'm hanging out in the forums to learn all about it :D

Beaderjojo said...

Ooh I really like these. They are "dainty" and delicate. =)

Three Fates said...

Thanks. I love, love, love RAW, and I just thought they would make great rings too (I'm sure plenty of people have thought of that before me too, but I've have not seen any yet) :-D

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