Monday, December 1

Two New Lampwork Bead Sets!

I finally got some new things listed in my Art Fire Store; two new sets of lampwork beads.

First up is a set of five beads. These are a wonderful ivory base with dark sky blue accents. I really like how the blue and the ivory react with each other.

The focal bead measures about 3/4in by 1/2in
The large rounds measure about 3/8in by 5/8in
and the small rounds measure about 5/16in by 7/16in

You can find this set HERE.

I also listed a second set of beads, one of my favorite sets to date.

It's a set of four beads. I started out with a base of black glass, I then added white and orange dots to create the "scales" and then topped the dots off with some clear glass for a little bit of depth.

I really love how these turned out. I have a bunch of other colors and they look just as cool.

These beads measure about 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch

You can find this set HERE!

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P and J Crafts said...

Beautiful bead sets!

You've been nominated for the Marie Antoinette award! When you have time, go to my blog, http:/ and pick it up! :-)

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