Saturday, December 13

♥Happy Weekend!!!♥

WooHoo it's the weekend. And I've finally started my Christmas shopping, nothing like waiting for the last minute (I still have a week and a half, I'm fine). It strange because I'm usually the one who's done with Christmas shopping months in advance. But this year I've been busy, so it's been put off. But now I get to do my favorite thing, WRAP PRESENTS. I absolutely love to wrap gifts and make bows. I've been told I should charge and hourly wage and do it professionally, but who doesn't like to wrap gifts, isn't that half the fun, hehehehe.


But enough about that. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have opened a 1000 markets store. Just another venue to get my name out there. I really like 1000markets, and I think they have really nice things and really fantastic artists.

Check out my store and even leave a message if you like. I'll be adding new things soon. Here are a couple of the things I have in my 1000 markets store. A pair of teal and purple beaded hoops and a wonderful blue beadwork cuff.


BeadedTail said...

I'm off to a late start on my Christmas shopping too! I also like to wrap presents - I think it's the best part!

Congrats on your new 1000 markets store!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I hope everything goes well in your new shop!

Three Fates said...

Thank you both.

@beadedtail, awesome to know I'm not the only one out there that thinks wrapping gifts is the best part :->

JAZEVOX said...

the teal and purple hoop is absolutely adorable, great design and color. jazevox

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