Tuesday, January 13

A New Focal and Some News

I have been so bad lately, neglecting my blog like this. It's been a full week since my last entry. I'm sorry. I have time set aside tonight to get new pictures of my stuff. I realized all of my cuffs need to be re-shot and I have a number of new ones that need some attention. So hopefully I'll have some new items tomorrow. ☺


I have a new lampwork beads up in my etsy store. It's a fun little focal.

Here is mossy ponds. I was trying to go for a dragon scale look with this one, but it didn't quite work. But it still looks pretty cool.

I used light ivory as the base and green (I can't remember which green, I'll look when I get home tonight). I then used clear on top of the green to add a little depth. I think it turned out pretty cool, even if it's not very "scaly" But I love the way green and ivory reacts with each other.

It measures about 1 inch, by 3/4 inch, by 1/4 inch. Click here to see more.


I also have received my membership number for the SRAJD. WooHoo. My membership number is 2006.

SRAJD is a wonderful organization of self representing artists in jewelry design. It's a place where the consumer can go and verify that they are buying from a authentic self representing artist. It's really great. You can visit the website by clicking HERE, where you will find a list of very talented jewelry artists, and you can even help the cause by donating a little money!


iceah said...

congrats on having your membership badge there c: I love green it's my first love all shades of it c:

by the way could you comment on this please c:


thanx in advance c:

Three Fates said...

I love green too, and then if it's paired with purple, wonderful.

Thanks for the link, it was a really great article.

GAGAY said...

hop..hop..hop..Dropping by here..sniffing new infos and parking for a while..i also dropped EC and kissed your ads..

Hope to see you at mine! Take care!


Bella Casa said...

You new bead is very pretty!

I am hosting an Etsy party on my blog, Jan 26-30, I hope you will join us :)

I have a party button on my blog if you'd like to put it on your blog, that would be great...or anything you could do to help spread the word, thanks!

I am also looking for great handmade prizes for the party, so if you have anything to offer, I would really appreciate it, but if not, that's ok, too:) Any Etsian who sponsors a prize will be highlighted on my blog.

Thanks so much:)


Erik said...

I dig the mossy ponds bead even if it wasn't what you were shooting for.

Nancy said...

That's a lovely bead!

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