Monday, February 16

The Winner Of The EBW Challenge

Congratulation to Mariya of BeadCatcher on winning the EBW Challenge with her absolutely fabulous Tropical Treasures.

There were 47 entries in this challenge. That's fantastic. The runners up were:
Second: Tropical Garden by: SpringColors

Third: Tropical Holiday by: veroque

Fourth: Tropical Paradise Necklace by: CieloDesign

Fifth: Tropical Nights by: SmadarsTreasure

Sixth: Pink Flamingo Fantasy Necklace by: gypsyeyesjewelry

Seventh: Island Treasure Chest by: BeadazzledofOregon

Eighth: Tropical Rainforest Getaway by: Bead4you

Ninth: What if I'm a Mermaid by: ThesePreciousThings

Tenth: Blue lagoon necklace N961 by: FleurDeIrk

All the entries were unbelievable. This challenge really brought out the best of all the members. Congratulations to Mariya again, and everyone else.


Beadwright said...

Hey congratulations!!!! This is a beautiful piece. You should be proud!

Three Fates said...

Oh no, this is not my piece. I don't know if I could ever create anything as beautiful as this.

verabear said...

Wow, that is so beautiful! I don't think I got to this piece when I was going through the entries, there were just too many for me. Hehe :)

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