Saturday, May 2

A Little Special For Mom!

Still haven't gotten mom that special something? Still looking and maybe thinking about the same old gift; flowers and maybe a simple pair of earrings. I know this is the boat I'm in. I've completely put off getting my mom (and J's mom) something for mother's day. Why not get mom something she's really going to enjoy. Get her something as unique as she is.

I'm going to continue my free shipping until Mother's day (May 10th people). So that's free shipping on every single item in my store! That's a pretty good deal.

Just stop by my etsy store to check out all the funky, unique items perfect for mom.


The sun is shining, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and Toonces is busy eating a lettuce leaf she took from the sink while I wasn't looking. I hope everyone has a super enjoyable weekend. I'm off to enjoy this wonderful spring day.


Beadwright said...

Great Mother's day gifts!!!!

Gregorio said...

These are some wonderful gifts as all of your items are.
Just stopping by to let you know you have been tagged! :) Feel free to play or not, whatever you wish.

Bubbly Ideas said...

nice pieces. :) love it. - How to Accept Credit Cards

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