Thursday, May 14

My Progress - Day One

Here is a sneak peak at my progress with free form stitch. I'm really enjoying the freedom that this gives you (ha, duh that's right in the name). I just randomly add beads and somehow it seems to work.

Now remember that this is just a practice run. I'm using a bunch of my practice beads, so there really isn't a color scheme right now. But I still think it's pretty and I'm going to wear it with pride.

I have about 4-5 inches done so far, so just an inch or more before it's perfect for me to wear.

I've already been thinking about ideas for my next one, which will be a little bit more planned.

But I am pleased. I never, ever thought I could work free form. I like the feel of it, and I'm ready to finish this one up and start the next.


And well it just wouldn't be a normal day in my house without Toonces doing something or hiding somewhere.

This is where she has decided to live now.

J fixes (and will soon begin building his own) guitar amps. And this is one that is in progress. All the innards are taken out and being worked on, so the box is completely empty. Perfect for Toonces to hide from Nacho.

Silly Cat.


Well I'm off to clean our flooded basement. Don't worry it isn't a lot of water, but enough to soak the carpets and a few boxes.


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

This looks really cool! Will it be a necklace or bracelet?

Three Fates said...

Thank you! It's going to be a cuff. I thought I better start small and then work up to a bigger project :D

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