Thursday, July 23

I'm Still Here

I'm still here really. I've just been unbelievably busy the last few weeks. Life has been crazy. I have accepted a new position as a lab manager at the UW Madison School of Veterinary Science. I'm heading up a brand spanking new oncology research lab. I'm really loving this job and the UW campus, but I've been so busy. I just want to apologize for my lack of posting lately. I promise to be up and running soon. And I want to thank all of you that continue to stop by, comment, and/or drop E-cards. Thank you very much.

Quick puppy update, the puppies are now 6 weeks old and they go in for their first shots today. Then they are ready to be adopted by loving families. That means we might have a puppy by next weekend. J and I will have to discuss if it is the right time to add another addition to the family (Toonces has been acting up again). Hopefully I'll have new puppy pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

That new job sounds exciting. I hope you're having fun in the cancer research department.

So exciting about the puppies. I do so hope they all get to go to loving homes.

storybeader said...

congrats on the new job! WOW!

Anonymous said...
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