Friday, August 14

Art Fair - Saturday Aug 15th - Wales, WI

I'm getting ready for my show tomorrow. If you are in the Milwaukee (or Madison) area, you should stop out for a lovely show. The weather should be beautiful and there will be a number of wonderful booths to check out.

Click HERE for more info and directions. I'll be there with my beadwoven jewelry and lampwork beads. I'm excited for tomorrow.

And I couldn't help myself, another puppy picture. She is getting so big. We are working on getting her a name that is "her."

She has gotten pretty sassy as she settles in and grows older. She can be a little snot when she wants to be.

We're working hard on getting her housebroken, she is so good already. She knows she has to go outside and will wait by the patio door (but we still have accidents, she's only 8 weeks old).

Now she's just waiting for Toonces and Nacho to come around and play with her.


Theresa said...

Good luck with the show.

I think you came up with a name for her in your post...Sassy. She is a cutie.

BeadedTail said...

Best of luck with the show! Wish I was closer so could go!

Glad to see the puppy is fitting in so well! I agree with Theresa, Sassy sounds like a great name for her!

Your Daily Cute said...

Keep the pictures coming! :)

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