Thursday, September 10

Don't forget to Vote for the BEM Challenge

Yesterday I asked everyone to head on over the EBW's blog and vote for your favorite entry (voting is still open, so if you haven't voted yet, you have time). Well now it is time to vote for your favorite BEM challenge piece. There were only 5 entries this month, but that will grow as the market grows. All 5 entries are completely stunning, so choosing will be hard. So please stop by the BEM Blog to vote for your favorite!!!


Hot Rocks said...

OMG...they are all so stunningly gorgeous! What talented artists. I will check them out but have no idea ono who to vote for!

tollykit said...

That is a really lovely selection of beadwork. I'm off to check them out.

Chrisbeads said...

Beautiful work.

Did you know that the Entrecard Credits link you have on your website goes nowhere anymore? Just thought you might like to know.

Three Fates said...

They really are beautiful entries. It's always hard to pick just one.

Chris - thanks for letting me know. I've been slowly working on cleaning up my blog and pepping up the layout. I'll have to look into this. :)

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