Monday, September 7

Some New Lampwork!

So I finally got the photo tent and camera out the other night. I have been putting this off for a long long time.

I have a large container of lampwork beads that I needed to get a few pictures. Here are a few of those beads.

The first is an orange set that I had done a while back, but wanted to re-take the pictures. I really love this set. The orange color is very vibrant and fun. I'm not normally an orange person, but I really like these. I love the way the orange pops on the black background.

These are listed in my etsy store, you can click HERE for more info.

This next set is using one of my favorite colors, TEAL. I love green and especially love teal. And I really love this set.

It consists of a fun focal bead that is bumpy. It is then accompanied by two black spacers and two teal doted spacers.

This is will make something really cool. I can't wait to get this one listed. I'm sure this set will make someone very happy in the future.

I have many more pictures of my beads, but I'll wait until another day to show some of those. I think I may have taken 4,000 pictures. Okay, so I took about 75, but it sure felt like 4,o00. But those are for another day.


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor day, we had a fun filled weekend here.


Swapna said...

Cool beads.. love the Orange ones :)

tollykit said...

Lovely beads.

Three Fates said...

Thank You!

BeadedTail said...

Those beads are beautiful!

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