Thursday, October 22

New Pattern

I just listed my latest beaded cuff pattern. I enjoyed working on my guitar cuff so much, I thought I could offer it as a pattern.

I love this cuff. And J loves it too because it looks like his guitar. He's such a dork at times (but I love him).

You can find this cuff in my etsy store. The pattern is offered as a PDF file that will be sent through email (unless you would like a hard copy). This pattern includes a numbered graph, a color suggestion list, a pattern preview, a word chart, and tips and tricks.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different guitars and I hope to have some of those done soon (this weekend is my goal). I can't wait to try out a few other designs. I'll make sure to post those pictures as soon as I get them done.

Yoda Update - Yoda is scheduled for surgery next Wednesday. She will be having her liver shunt repaired (removed) and she will be spayed (if the first half of surgery goes well). Thank you all for your well wishes, it has really helped me get through this tough time. I'll keep everyone updated.


Ann said...

Very cool cuff, I have no idea how to even begin doing something like that.
Best wishes to Yoda on her surgery

Three Fates said...

Thank you very much. I'm working on a whole line of guitar themed cuffs.
And I hope to have good news about Yoda's surgery next week.

Mortira said...

What a cool pattern! Good luck with the new designs, and best wishes to Yoda.

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