Sunday, October 4

What's on my Bead Board

Right now I'm working on a few different projects. I have a custom order for a cuff and a pair of beaded hoops that I'm trying to get done.

Then I am experimenting with fresh water pearls. I'm working on a really luxurious bracelet that is beadwoven with silver lined seed beads and then covered in white and light silver pearls. I'm in love with it. Unfortunately I ran out of pearls before I've finished, so now I have to wait for my next order to finish this one.

Then I'm working on a bunch of simple lace beaded bracelets. This one is using the same silver lined red beads as the last bracelet. It's simple, but really pretty.

So that's what's on my bead board right now. What are you up to???


Jennette said...

Hello,stopping by to say hello.I am following you i think on everything!Great blog.

Waterrose said...

I just put your puppy on my blog...come visit. I'll leave it up until the end of the month! Hope everything goes well!

Three Fates said...

Thank you Jannette.

Thank you so much Waterrose. She's doing better, she's crazy and rambunctious, but her bile acids are still high, so hopefully I'll have good news in a few days.

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