Thursday, November 26

So Thanksgiving is officially over. Now it's definitely time for Christmas. We're putting up the tree tomorrow, awesome (I really love the Christmas tree. I love the way it looks and it just puts a smile on my face). I hope Yoda will behave, this is her very first Christmas. I'm just imagining her trying to eat the tree and possibly a disaster on our hands when she chases the cats. But I guess we'll see, hopefully she'll learn quickly to be good around the tree (she is really smart and learns very fast).

So if you're looking for a lovely Christmas ornament to compliment your Christmas decor, stop by my etsy store and check out my beaded ornaments. I have a bunch of different colors and can always make one that's specifically for you. Just let me know what color beads and ornaments you would like, and I'd be happy to make you one.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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storybeader said...

cute Christmas tree ornaments! Have a nice weekend! {:-D

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