Monday, November 9

What am I up to?

So I've been pretty busy lately. I've been trying to catch up with everything that I've been ignoring since Yoda got sick; everything from orders to house work.

But after this weekend I'm pretty close to being all caught up. I finished up my one custom order this weekend. Now I just need to get some pictures tonight and then get it all wrapped up and out the door. I'm really happy with this order (even if the cuff decided to give me so many problems). I hope she likes it as much as I do. I guess we'll see.

I also worked on getting a few more patterns ready to be listed in my etsy store. I'm hoping to have those listed this week.

And don't forget to check my etsy store out regularly because I've been adding new beaded Christmas ornaments daily.

I finally got my Swarovski crystals in the mail on Saturday (I'm having issues with the P.O. right now, so they took a little while to get to me).

Art Beads asked if I would like to write a blog review on the Swarovski crystals of my choice. Well of course I jumped on this. I love Swarovski, who doesn't? And I've always wanted to try beading around ravoli. So this was the perfect opportunity for me. Here is a quick picture I snapped before I left for work this morning. My plan is to get a good picture tonight.

Art Beads sent me a selection of beads that I chose. I chose the 14mm Crystal Vitral Medium Rivoli. I was so excited about these guys. I can't wait to work more with them. I also chose the 4mm Dark Indigo Faceted Bicones, and the 6mm Dark Indigo Facted Bicones to use as accents. I thought these colors would look great with the Crystal Vitral Rivoli. I wanted a little brighter color that would go with the Ravolies, so I went with 6mm Indian Pink AB 2x Faceted Bicones. These bad boys are beautiful. They are definitely one my list of colors I will be working with again.

I also picked some 6mm Crystal AB Diagonal Cut Faceted Cubes. I plan on pairing these with some lampwork beads for a pair of earrings.

As you can see in my crappy picture, I started beading around one of the Ravolies last night. It worked up really easily, a whole lot easier then I had thought. This is my first time attempting this, but I think I will definitely be making more.

I'll make sure to keep everyone up to speed on this project as I go along.


And the Free Shipping on Everything in my etsy store is till going on. Get some early Christmas shopping done.


Theresa said...

My friend still calls Rivolis Have fun with them but I will warn you that they are super addictive!

Three Fates said...

Hahaha, I love to call them that. J keeps telling me they look nothing like raviolis. I'm glad other people call them that too.

And don't tell me they're addictive, like I need anything else to get addicted too. LOL :)

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