Tuesday, February 23

Puppy Update!

It's been a whole month since I shared some pictures of out little pup, Yoda.

I'm also sick right now and just don't feel like taking any new pictures, so you get puppy pictures, hope you don't mind.

Most of you know that little Yoda (the girl pug, mind you) had surgery last October. She had a liver shunt that was causing her to get really sick and she was on the verge of dying, twice.

Well you would never know it if you saw her today. She has been gaining weight and is up to a whole 11.5 lbs right now; and she's going on 9 months. She is probably the tiniest pug I've ever seen, but it makes her all the more adorable. And she never ever lets her small size get in the way of anything. She can jump up on the couch and the bed (even if she's not allowed). She "herds" the cats in the basement, and she always demands attention.

She's quite the handful.

She's been on normal puppy food for about a month now and is doing great. She is also off of all of her medications, which is fantastic.

She is a happy, naughty, normal puppy again. And we are very grateful. Last year was pretty stressful and her surgery was a large financial obligation, but we wouldn't have changed anything.

Who would have ever guessed that I would be a pug person. If you would have asked me last year, I think a pug would be the last dog I would pick. But now that we've had Yoda for about 6 months, I'm in love with her. She has such a little attitude and is really too smart for her own good. She makes us smile and she makes us happy (most of the time). I'm glad my mom rescued momma pug and I'm glad we decided to take a puppy (ok, I decided. J didn't have any say in the matter). She was a great addition to our little family.


And though Yoda is feeling better and looking 100% better, she still has quite a lot of vet bills that need to be paid. And now it looks like her little puppy teeth are going to have to be pulled because they just don't want to fall out (don't worry all her big girl teeth have come in just fine, those baby teeth just don't want to leave). So I'm still offering free shipping on everything in my Etsy Store and my Art Fire Store. That's FREE SHIPPING on everything. So stop by today and help a little puppy.

I also want to thank everyone that has helped us through the tough times. Everyone that has sent us well wishes and words of encouragement, everyone that has purchased something from my etsy store, and everyone that has donated money to help with Yoda's vet bills, you guys have really helped us in so many ways. I can not begin thank you enough. It has meant so much to me. Thank you all again!!!

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