Thursday, March 25

A New Pattern

I listed this new pattern in my Etsy Store this morning.

This cuff was designed for my little sister for her last birthday. She is a dancer and performer, so I wanted to make her something special.

This cuff would be great for the dancer in your life.

It measures 1.80 inches by 7.03 inches (4.57 cm by 17.86 cm).

You can find it HERE in my Three Fates Design store.

I really like this cuff. I think it's so elegant but still simple. I love it in the black and white with silver accents, but I bet it would be lovely in many other color combination.


Hot Rocks said...

That is gorgeous...what a lucky sister!

Waterrose said...

A wonderful design!

Three Fates said...

Thank you, my sister really loved this cuff, so I hope other dancers will too :)

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