Tuesday, April 13

What's New :)

It's spring (finally)!!!!  I have had the heat off in our house for about a month now (though I have to turn it on now and then).  I'm so excited that the snow is gone and things are blooming again.  It makes me happy :)

Jumble Necklace
I have to admit though, that when the weather gets nice I tend to forget about beads and glass.  I just want to be out side.  Last weekend I got most of the gardening done and I'm hoping to get my veggies planted soon.  It's just too nice to be cooped up inside.

But I can't forget about beads for long.  And when I'm not exhausted from riding bike at night, I still love to curl up on the couch with my beads.  So for all the time I've been spending outside, I have actually been pretty productive.   

Here is a prime example, a new necklace, Klymene,  in one of my favorite new designs; the "jumble" necklace.  A lovely dark AB pink with a wonderful jumble of black seed beads in all different kinds of finishes.  I think it's very elegant.

ArtBeads Spring Necklace
I got the  idea for this type of necklace when working on a necklace based on the Phantom of the Opera.  I don't know much about the play, but the graduate student does. She got so excited telling me about it and helping me design something.  I designed a necklace with a gold beaded rope with a jumble of ruby beads.  I'm currently working on this one and I hope to have pictures of it soon.

My ArtBeads necklace was also based on this idea.  Just a wonderful beaded rope with a jumble of different beads as the focal.

These necklaces work up pretty fast and they are a great was for me to use up some of my left over beads. I really can't wait to make up some more.

So I might be a little slow in posting or getting new pictures up.  The weather is just too nice to pass up right now.  So go out and enjoy spring :)

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Beadwright said...

These turned out so pretty and they look springy. LOL

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