Tuesday, May 4

Red Fire Necklace

Here is one of my newest necklaces.  It's based on an old necklace I made for myself years ago.  It's pretty much the same design (I changed a few things), but I used silver lined red for that fiery look and added sterling silver beads.   I'm loving this one.

The necklace is a small herringbone beaded rope with a collection of beaded fringe as the focal point.  Each small fringe has a tiny silver bead at the end, adding a wonderful sparkle.

I made two small silver lined beaded rings to pull the whole necklace together. 

I also used a really great sterling silver star clasp.  It adds a little bit of fun to the necklace.

The silver lined beads really add a nice sparkle and elegance to the necklace.

The original necklace I made was also in red, but I'm thinking this could look great in a variety of colors.  Oh, I bet it would look extremely elegant in black.  Now I'm off to think of new color combos to work with next time. 


Brenda said...

Great job - it looks really nice!

overthetopaprons said...

Very stunning ... I like the little touches, the sterling silver star and the lovely sparkle. I agree it should look lovely in the black.

Duni said...

It's gorgeous!

Three Fates said...

Thank you. I wish I liked making fringe more, because I would make one of these in every color :-)

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