Wednesday, July 7

My little garden

I thought I would take a break from my normal posts today.  I'm still pretty tired from this weekend and I feel like I have so much catching up to do, that I need a little break. 

I thought I'd share some pictures of how my garden is doing.  We rent right now, so I have a little (very little) potted garden.  I only have a handful of things growing this year, but I can't wait for harvest time. I also can't wait for us to get a house.  I have a huge list of plants I will be growing in my raised garden beds.  But I must wait until we're ready for a house. 

I have a number of herbs growing.  I have green onions that are doing great.  They also have a really nice kick to them.  I'm growing oregano, one of my favorites.  It's really doing well.  Then I have one basil plant that made it.  It's getting big, but I noticed yesterday a bug had discovered it and was going to town on it, I just can't have that.  I also have garlic chives and cilantro.  My chives are going crazy, but my cilantro isn't doing so great this year.  It only grew a few inches tall and has started to bud already.  I'm a little sad, my cilantro grew huge last year.  But what can you do.

Tiny Roma Tomatoes
I have a wonderful tomato plant that is doing much better then last years.  Last year I grew roman candle tomatoes, this year I'm growing Big Mama Romas.  I've read good reviews on these tomatoes, so I'm pretty excited to eat them.  They are supposed grow to 5 inches long (huge for a Roma).  I guess I'll wait and see.  My little tomatoes are still tiny.  But the plant is growing like crazy.  Now lets just hope I don't get tomato blight like last year (a bad case of it went through WI last year).  I was pretty devastated when my plant grew big and then just completely died on me.  So fingers crossed that this plant makes it.    

Ginormous Jalapenos
I also decided to grow a hybrid jalapeno plant this year.  They are Jalapeno Gigante.  If you click on the picture on the right you can see how huge they are already.  And no that is not the green pepper plant, those are baby jalapenos.  I really can't wait for these babies to mature.  As you can see, there is a large veggie theme going on here.  That's what happens when I bring J to the nursery with me.  I end up with crazy hybrids. 

Green Peppers
I also have a small green pepper plant.  It's pretty small, but there are a number of peppers on it already.  This is just your typical green pepper plant, no crazy large green peppers for us.  I love green peppers, so I can't wait to get some nice ones to make stuffed peppers with.  Mmmmm, yumm. 

Like I said, I have a list of plants I would like to do, but need to wait until we have a house.  But I do know that I will be planting lettuce next year if we have a house or if we're still renting.  That I'm sure of.  I would also like to plant some cucumbers, but I'm worried little Yoda will eat the plants.  Yes she loves to eat my garden, that's another reason why everything is in pots.  Naughty little Yoda.

So that was a quick tour of my three plant garden.  It's not much, but we definitely enjoy our "harvest" every year.          


storybeader said...

good for you to grow in a pot! We've had romas growing like crazy - I bring them to work, and everyone loves them1

Three Fates said...

I LOVE romas. They are my favorite tomato. I can't wait for some of them to ripen. :-)

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