Monday, August 2

I'm still here

My oh my, it's been almost a week since my last blog post.  Where have I been lately?  Well unfortunately I can't say that I was on some wonderful tropical vacation sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them on the beach.  No, no, I was not on vacation, I've just been without internets for quite some time.  Our internet went out with the last batch of storms, ground lightning knocked out our router box.  So the cable guy finally came out last week to get it fixed.  Now I'm back up and running.  

I've been working on a variety of different projects, that I'll soon be unveiling.  Well hopefully I will, they seem to be taking more time then I thought they would.  I have a new beaded bottle that I'm more then half way finished, I'm hoping this weekend I'll be all done with that.  I also have decided to jump into spiral ropes.  I'm really loving how fun they are to make and I can't wait to make a few more.  

I also received my new business cards last week (top card).  I'm really happy with the overall look.  They are deffinetly a lot more personal then my last cards (the bottom card).  My last cards were a generic design and I just wanted something that was more me.

  I will have to tweak the font size a bit on the next batch because there is a lot of empty space one the right.  J had a few good ideas on how to make the font more interesting.  So I guess back to photoshop for me.  I'm gonna be a pro at this soon.  :-)

I'm getting ready for my next round of shows.  My next one is in Madison on August 15th.  I don't have too much more to do.  I can check new business cards off my list.  I also ordered a few styluses (is that right?) for my iphone.  I had a few people that found it difficult to sign with their fingers at my last show, so I did some research and found a nice stylus that works surprisingly well.  I have all my boxes and bags as well as new display hooks and weight bags for my canopy. 

I just have to get the rest of my 15% coupons printed off and sent out for the goodie bags.  Now if I can just get my computer to cooperate I'll be done in no time. :-D


Karen said...

Your cards look so nice. The pictures are so vivid that they would make me want to check out all your items.

Three Fates said...

Thank you Karen, I hope they have that effect on everyone that sees them. :-)

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