Monday, October 4

The Stress of Being an Adult

So for some of you that haven't stopped by my other blog, I'll do a quick update.  J and I have decided to buy a house.  J just started his new job (today was his official 1st day after a week of training), and we decided it was finally time to just do it.  We have been looking for about a month now and boy is it stressful.  Well I guess not necessarily stressful, just exhausting.  We have looked at more houses then I want to think about.  But we think we have found one that suits us and we hope to look at it again this coming weekend and even possibly put an offer in on it.  So then it's on to the next headache of buying a house, but it will be all worth it in the end.  ☺

In bead news, I have actually found some time to sit down and work on beads.  I took last Friday off as a personal day and all I did was bead (and some cleaning, but not too much).  I worked a little more on the beaded collar I started, but I have to wait for the rest of the beads to finish that.

I also tried something that I had always wanted to try, French Flowers.  I love the way French Flowers look.  They are so delicate and beautiful.  I have a few books on them, but have never actually sat down and tried to make one.  Well this month's Bead and Button had an article with a bracelet made with small beaded flowers, so I decided I might as well try.

I tried making the flowers in the B&B article first.  They were a little bit more difficult then I had expected, but once I got the hang of them, they weren't too bad.  Here are my first two.  The one on the right is my first one and the one on the left is my second one.  I really like them.  I have some ideas for Christmas decorations using these, but now I just have to sit down and make a billion more, okay maybe not a billion, but close to it.

I also started on a lily.  I have accomplished one petal so far.  The lily seems to be a little bit more difficult for me, but I am determined to finish one.  I'll take some pictures when I have more then one petal made.  ☺


storybeader said...

good luck with getting the house and your beading. I love making a long weekend with my vacation days. Feels so good! {:-Deb

Sara Katt said...

Pretty beaded flower!
Sara Cat

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