Wednesday, December 29

Big Sale to Help Little Yoda!

I hope everyone's holiday season is still going great.  J and I had a pretty laid back Christmas visiting with his side of the family.  Even little Yoda got to come and celebrate a bit (Momma snuck her a little cheese).

We've been spending the rest of our vacation either sick, painting, remodeling, or band shows.  Yup, both  me and J are extremely sick.  It's such an awesome way to spend a vacation.  But we've also forced our selves to get off our butts and do a little work on the house.  You can check out my other blog for updates on that.  And of course, we're both sick and extremely busy, so J has to have a bunch of shows.  Three to be specific.  He has three shows while we're both sick and miserable and exhausted.  So much fun.

But enough about us.  I wanted to let everyone know that right now I'm offering 15% off everything in my etsy store from now until February.  Yoda had her check up the other day and they found a few disturbing things.  Not necessarily life threatening at this point, but things that could lead to bigger problems.

First off she has two puppy teeth that never fell out.  This is fairly normal (or so I'm told) in pugs, but they have to do a x-ray just to make sure that there is nothing serious going on in her jaw that is holding those little puppy teeth in.  Then they need to pull those puppy teeth and I wanna take all your money dentist (yup that's right dogs have dentists too), suggests a cleaning.  I'm not sure if we're going to go as far as a cleaning, but we definitely want to make sure her jaw is healthy and those teeth get pulled.

The second major problem they found is some discoloration on her eyes.  Because pugs have bulgy eyes, they have tendency to poke them and sometimes their nose roll rubs on them, causing irritation.  Well Yoda pokes her eyes all the time.  We make sure that there is not damage and try to watch her carefully.  But we found out at her last visit that her eye lids are rubbing on her little doggy eyes and causing the irritation.  And without corrective surgery, she will more then likely go blind soon.  That is not something we want.  So they put her on an eye drop regimen for now, but we'll need to schedule an appointment sometime early in the new year.

Now this news was nothing we were expecting.  We just figured it would be a normal check up with a possible liver panel to make sure her liver surgery is still working.  I mean we just bought our first home at the beginning of the month, we weren't expecting to have to get Yoda surgery to save her sight.  She's only a year and a half old, how much does a little puppy have to go through before she's healthy?  It's just overwhelming in so many ways.

To help pay for the surgery all the sales from my etsy store from now until February will go towards her surgery.  That's 15% off everything.

Thank you to all that helped a year ago when we fixed her liver; with donations, sales, and kind words.  I'm asking you all again to help Yoda.  This time the surgery isn't needed immediately, so we can save a little money before she goes under the knife.  Please spread the word and help us get Yoda the help she needs.  Thank you again.    

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