Tuesday, January 18

Making Progress!

I want to thank everyone for their kind encouragement.  I feel like I'm really getting out of the slump.  Thanks everyone, you're awesome!

I didn't get a whole lot of beading done this weekend because we were trying to get a bunch of house stuff done.  But I did manage to clean up the studio a bit.

I know it doesn't look like much in the picture, but trust me, before I started it was just a huge pile of boxes.  I actually set up my glass table and unpacked quite a bit.  I'm still waiting on my pegboard.  J needs to help me put it up.  I was going to paint before I did any of this, but I've decided that I'm just not going to get around to painting this room for a while.  I'd rather be organized and have everything put away then wait for the paint color.  And I'm glad it was dark outside when I took this picture, or you would have seen the even bigger mess that is known as our three season porch.

I also picked up a copy of Curb magazine the other day.  I've been wanting to pick up a copy for a while and I've just never been able too.  So I made J take me out for Chinese food because I know the one Chinese restaurant has copies of them.  This is the magazine that is put together by UW students each semester.  This semester was a woman's magazine and they used one of my cuffs in there.  It's my first magazine appearance, and even though it's just a student run magazine, I was pretty excited.  The magazine itself is really nice and professional looking.  Those students do one heck of a job.  If you live in the Madison area, I would suggest picking up a copy to check out the hard work of these students.

My cuff was in there and it looked really nice.  I was honored to be chosen from all the extremely talented female artists in Wisconsin.  I can't believe something I made caught the eye of someone and then it ended up in a spread in a magazine, holy crap that's awesome. 

I grabbed a bunch of the magazines (yes, they're free, so if you live in Madison, there is no excuse for not getting one), I'm sure my mom will want one.  No matter how old you get, mom's will still collect things like this just like they did when you were in the second grade.  ;-)
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