Thursday, January 20


Wow, I seem to have a whole bunch of those lately (not including the ones I had already been hoarding).  I guess when my creativity came back, it came back with vengeance.  I have had so many ideas pop into my head.  Then I try to write them down or sketch them as quickly as I possible can so I don't forget.  But my mind festers on them, and I must start them.  What I already have three projects on my bead board right now, I DON'T CARE, start a new one.  I work on a little of each one every night.  Which isn't as quick going as if I just worked on one, but it seems to be keeping my interest, so I'm going to keep it going.

Here is a quick picture of one of the projects I'm working on.  It's my first beaded broach.  I've always adored others work, and I love me a good broach, so why not try it.  I'm keeping this first set really simple.  Just bead embroider around a cab.  No patterns, nothing intricate, just simple.  I'm liking this one so far.  I might keep it, or I might have a blog giveaway.  Hmmm, I wonder which it will be.  Maybe if enough of you want to try for beaded broach, I'll put it up for giveaway.  So who wants me to do a giveaway????


And so I don't forget to remind everyone, I'm still offering 15% off on all items in my etsy store.  That's 15% on top of the $1 shipping (US and Canada).  At Yoda's last appointment we found out her eye didn't develop properly and her eye lids are rubbing on her eyes, causing dis-colorization and eventually blindness.  We would like Yoda to keep her sight since she's only 1 1/2 years old and she's been through so much already, so we're trying to save up as much as we can (which isn't that easy when you've just bought your first home), so she can have the surgery.  So all the sales from my sale will go towards reducing her vet bills.  Thank you everyone for your continued support in Yoda's plight to healthiness.  It's been a long journey so far, but we're hoping healthy report card soon!  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Heck yes...I'm up for a giveaway!

WhooHoo :)

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