Monday, April 18

Beaded Pendents

I've been working on a few smaller products as of late.  I think they help me keep focused and motivated.  They bead up in a few hours instead of a few days, so that instant gratification is what I need to keep me going. 

Here is my first little bead embroidered pendent.  Just a fun little one in dark blue and bright orange.  The center is a small blue cat eye cabochon. 

It's then backed with some nice leather and finished with a sheer white ribbon.

I like these because they are simple to work up, but they are also something that anyone would like. They are small, so the people who aren't big fans of my statement pieces would love this.  They are affordable, so the people that want something handmade and unique but are trying to save money (aren't we all), will also like it.  So it's a win for all different people.

I have a few more of these to take pictures and list.  I just finished up a fun green one with a lovely cameo cabochon.  These things are almost as addicting to make as the beaded triangles.

You can find this pendent in my esty store HERE.

And stay tuned for more of these little guys as well as a few new cuffs.  Plus a sneak peak of a custom order I'm working on for a repeat customer (I love custom orders).   

 And don't forget to enter my birthday blog giveaway. I'm celebrating my birthday and thanking all of you that make blogging and creating so much fun. 


Pink said...

I think you mean it's a "bead embroidered pendant" because it doesn't seem "bad" to me at all! Nice work.

Three Fates said...

Hahahaha, good catch. You know I read over the article and didn't even notice that. Thanks ;-)

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