Wednesday, June 22

Strawberry Fest

Wow, I haven't updated this blog in almost a month, what am I thinking?!?!  Well I have been busy.  J has had a number of shows this month again.  And we've had a few trips to Chicago.  Which was nice because we had a friend watch the house and we took a weekend to ourselves (and of course stopped at Ikea).

And I've been getting ready for my only show of the year.  I unfortunately didn't have time to apply for shows this year with buying the house and all.  So I had to settle on one show, which was a good one.

I was in Sun Prairie at Strawberry Fest.  It's just a little show, but I always do pretty well at it.  And the people are always happy and nice.  Plus there are strawberries, yum, yum, yum.

This year I sold a cuff and two pairs of earrings to a mother and daughter duo.  They were in my booth for ever and were so nice.  We discussed a lot of my pieces and they may have convinced me to apply for Art Fair off the Square next year. 

The woman that ordered a custom book mark also came and picked that up (more on that later).  She loved it and she even sent me a thank you email before I was even done with the show.  And the best part, she ordered another book mark (again more on that later).  It's always so exciting to see peoples reaction, especially when they're happy.  I couldn't continue to do this without happy customers.

So now I'm done with shows for the year (even though I'm thinking of having a trunk show when we get the house a little bit more completed).  That means I can start to focus on things like my blog and new designs, which I have plenty of.  And I've discovered Kumihimo, so stay tuned for that.

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