Friday, October 7

Custom Order - Bookmark

I have finally cleaned out by photo tent.  Yup that is what my photo tent has looked like for the past month.  Stuff we didn't know what to do with was just piled right inside of it.  That's the only bad thing about it being in the extra bedroom right now.  But that's part of owning and remodeling a house, right?!?  And just ignore the walls in this picture, we haven't gotten around to updating this room yet.

But enough about the photo tent, it's all cleaned out and ready for pictures of everything I've been working on.  And boy have I been busy.  I have a whole bunch of projects to share with all of you.

And the first one is a custom book mark I made for one of my customers.  This is the third bookmark she has bought from me, and the second that was custom designed for her. 

She ordered this book mark over the summer after her father passed. She wanted something that would remind her of him. She designed this one herself, with each one of the elements representing something about her father. The plaid his Scotish heritage, the clover represents his Iris heritage, and the rosemaling (the swirls) represent his Norwegian heritage.  She plans on keeping it in a book that was very dear to him.

It's a simple, yet special design for her.  It took me quite some time to get it the exact way she wanted it, but she is very happy with it and I'm happy that she chose me to help make something so dear to her.

And stay tuned for some more goodies.  I have a bunch of them :-)


Karen said...

Oh wow! That is such a beautiful bookmark.

randomcreative said...

The bookmark is beautiful! I can't wait to see what else you've been working on lately.

Three Fates said...

Thanks guys. She really loved it when I gave it to her.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I love how it is so personalized to him. I bet that gives you such a good feeling to make something so unique that only you could do!

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