Thursday, February 16

Awful Cell Phone Sneek Peek

Now that I finished my last beaded tapestry, I've been chomping at the bit to start the next one.   They are really fun to make.  I think I like the fact that I can create a bead embroidered piece and not have to worry about if it going to lay right, or what type of clasp would be best, etc.  It's just sort of freeing to just bead.     

This is a little peek at my next one.  I'm sorry for the picture quality.  It was a quick cell phone picture this morning and I swear it looked nicer when I took it.  Okay, maybe it was lack of caffeine in my system.

I like how simple this one is, just different shades of black, white and silver.  I'm also happy with the size.  It's much smaller then the last one, so it's working up extremely fast.  And I thought offering a range of sizes and prices would appeal to more people.

And in Studio news, I'm hoping to start painting soon. I have the colors picked out and planned on picking those up this weekend.  Then because the weather gods have been so wonderful to us this winter, I'm hoping to start painting soon (instead of waiting for spring).  Then soon as the paint is done, all my storage can go in and hopefully by April, I will have a clean and organized studio.  Now lets just see if I can do this.  ☺

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