Wednesday, February 8

Jcrew, Recovery, and You!

Guest Post today by Jackie Clark

Every woman loves the idea of feeling beautiful and powerful, and even if a diagnosis of mesthelioma cancer has become your fate, you don’t need to let it take over your beauty. The truth of the matter is that beauty is all in how you carry yourself and what you are willing to do and be. Beauty is not something that you are born with. Instead, it is something that you bring into your life through a series of actions and decisions, and shopping!

Jcrew style is built on a couple of key pieces of clothing that all interact with each other in different ways. From a pair of fun capris to the colorful blazer that goes with everything, you’ll find that Jcrew in particular has some terrific styles and deals for everyone. Whether you are still undergoing treatment or you are on the upswing, you’ll find that shopping at this notable retailer gives you plenty of options when it comes to creating a kicky colorful style that is all your own. One thing that you will notice is that the style is fairly non-demanding; you can slip into it whenever you like.

Take a moment to think about the control that you are taking over your life when you make decisions about fashion and coming to terms with the way that you are living your life. Even if your life has not gone the way that you want it to, you’ll discover that there are plenty of ways for you to assert your own control over what you are doing. For example, this is where fashion comes in. Fashion is something that you always control, no matter how angry you are with doctors or how tired you may be. Use fashion to gain some leverage over the rest of your life.

If you are in a place where you are thinking about your life and what you can do with it, remember that you start by being the person you are every morning. Think about your clothes and what they say about you. If you realize that your clothes are sending the message that you do not care about what you look like, you’ll find that it is easy to get bogged down with thoughts of tiredness and frustration. Instead, take the time to consider what your options are going to be and how you can move forward through using your own fun style as a tool to get you out of your depressive streak.

Dress to impress, and remember that creating your own unique Jcrew style is a great way to create some lasting change in your life!


Thank you Jackie for your guest blog.

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