Wednesday, February 22


I don't have a lot new to share today.  I've been working on my last bookmark.  It's a butterfly and it's turning out to be a more complex project then first thought.  But isn't that how it always goes.  I've now completely redrawn the butterfly and I'm working on getting it translated into a bead pattern.  Hopefully by this weekend I'll be done with that.  And then we'll see what she thinks about the new version. 

In other news, I've picked out the paint for the studio this past weekend and I can't wait to start painting.  *Insert Girly Squeal*.  I'm excited. 

I went with a nice light green/yellow for the main color.   It's light and fun, but not too overwhelming.  And the contrasting color, which will be used for vertical stripes, is a wonderful warm slate color.  I've already taped and tonight or tomorrow I'll start getting the paint on the walls.  Yippy!   

I can't wait to see what this will look like up on the walls.  And for a huge pop of color I'm going to paint my bookcase or wall shelves in bright, over the top color. I was going to go with a bright yellow, but think I'm leaning toward a bright blue instead.  But I want the walls painted first and then decide on the "POP" color.

I also have to remember that my studio is visible to everyone, so I have to keep it clean.  Hahahahaha.  That's why I plan on making a sheer curtain for the porch.  It will let the light in and keep the chaos that is my studio hidden.   


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Rose said...

It sounds like things are coming together nicely! Very exciting.

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