Wednesday, March 28

A Little Sneak Peek

I have been so busy with my studio that I feel like nothing else is getting done.  It is, but they are all small projects and/or they are moving very slowly.  But that's okay, once my studio is finished, creating will be even more rewarding and fun.  I am just painting trim right now, so the pictures I have of the studio don't look any different from the previous ones I've posted.  I promise to post some pictures when I get it more put together.

But today I will show you a few teaser shots of what I'm working on (not paint/studio related).

Here is a pile of deconstructed silk ties.  I picked up some of these to dye eggs, but since getting them, I've thought of a bunch of different projects I want to use them for.  I picked up 5 ties for under $7 at Goodwill.  And most of them were really nice designer brands.  If J ever needed a nice tie, I know where to get one.   I'm hoping to try a few of the ideas floating around in my head this week.  So stay tuned.

And here is my latest beady project.  I'm about half done with it, okay maybe not quite half, but close.  I can't wait to get it all done and see what everyone else thinks about it.  I hope it turns out like in my head.

Take care and have a fantastic Wednesday.

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