Thursday, April 19

Do you actually make things anymore?

Ugh, no new projects right now.  I've been busy trying to finish up art show applications and get that studio of mine in working order.  Maybe I need to bead up some more fabric.  It was so rewarding getting a project done so quickly.  No, no, no I need to focus on my studio.  You can't be creative and productive when your studio space is a mess.

The good news is I  don't have much more to go.  I'm working on finishing up some of the shelves that will go up soon (by this weekend if I'm lucky).  Then we need to try and build some more shelves to hold my beads.  I was thinking something like this.

Michaels sells these cute little shelves, but I know we can DIY something up.  We have almost all of the material from left over projects, and what we don't have, we can pick up from the ReStore.  So this won't even cost us that much.  I would like at least two of them, but I know I'd be happy with more.  And just imagine it it a bright blue or pink color.  Fantastic.

And when it comes to other organizational products, I lucked out and found a whole stack of Martha Stewart Fabric Drawers at the thrift store.  They were $2ea and still in the packaging.  Talk about an awesome deal.  And this saves me the time of making baskets, for now.

I'm finding so many fantastic ideas on, where else, Pinterest.  Everyone has so many ideas that i didn't even think of.  What are some of your favorite organizational things in your studio or around the house?  Do you have any suggestions or tips?  I'd love to hear them.


In other news, I'm planning a blog giveaway.  I haven't done one in a long time, I think it's time for a new one.  As soon as this blog reaches 200 followers (it only needs one more person to follow), I'll have a big ol' giveaway.  How does that sound?  So spread the word and help me reach 200.


Sweetwater Designs said...

I thought i was following you already! anyway..there I am following along now..and patiently waiting for your giveaway. :-D


Rose said...

Good luck with your shelves! We got some new furniture this week, and it inspired me to overhaul a bunch of organizational aspects of our house. I'm also in the market for some new craft storage and am brainstorming DIY methods. Pinterest to the rescue. :)

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