Thursday, May 3

Magazine Crafts

I took some time off from painting my studio and working on bead projects.  Hey, it was my birthday, I needed a rest.  But you know me, I can't be still, ever!  So I made a few magazine bowls.  They were fun and pretty simple.  I'm by no means a pro, but I don't think I did that bad.

I got the idea from the Saved By Love Creations blog.  She has really cute ideas and some of the most fantastic paper bowls.  I first wanted to make this little guy.....

paper bowl diy from
I mean look at how cool that looks.  I love the look of it.  I decided that I would make one that would go on our sofa table, when we get around to making one.  We could use it to organize our keys and other small things.

Well my first attempted ended up looking like this......

Not exactly like the picture above.  I think I may have gotten a little impatient and wanted to finish it to see what it looked like.  It's okay, but not really something that I would want to show off.

So while I was perusing the Saved By Love Creations blog for tips and tricks for my next attempt, I found this.

paper bowl diy from

Oh my, you have no idea how much I wanted this bowl.  Look how fantastic it is.  I wanted my next bowl to look at least somewhat like this.  I decided that I wouldn't attempt a square bowl right now, but I would try and replicate this one and follow the directions she gives (which are great, so if you would like to try one of these, you should definitely check out her blog).

So my second attempt at a paper bowl looked like this....

Not bad, right?  Now by no means is it anything like hers, but I think it's a vast improvement from my first attempt.

Right now these two little guys sit on our dinning room table (which is the communal dumping grounds from keys and what not).  I think I'm going to polly both of the bowls for just a little more added protection.  But right now they work great for holding all our little stuff.

Now I can't wait to get a sofa table so they have a permanent home.  I'm so glad I found these great instructions.  And I can cross another one of my Pinterest projects off my list.  Now to get started on the hundreds of other ones. ;-)

Side note, I just happen to see this same idea on the Ikea Hacks website right after I got done writing this up.  Weird!

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Johnnie said...

You did great! It took me a long time to get mine to look like the pictures in my post. thanks for the shout out!!

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