Friday, September 7

Freebie Friday!

Wow, I have been a bad blogger.  Over a month since my last post, what was I thinking?  Well I was pretty busy with the house and trying to get ready for our housewarming party.  There was so many things that needed to get done, like finishing up the bathroom remodel and making food for 50+ people.  But that is all over and I'm hoping to get back in the creative swing of things.  And I'm also going to get back to my Freebie Friday.  Oh yeah.

So what do we have this week?  We have these great little printable gift bags.  Are they not just fantastic?

These would be perfect for little goody bags.  Just imagine them stuffed full of little treats and goodies.  The perfect little thank you.  They also would make great little bags for giving gift cards.  Instead of just handing over the little gift card, you could dress it up a bit with these little guys.

These guys are available for download through the My Memories Store.  You do have to have a My Memories account, but it's free to sign up.  And once you're singed up, you'll have access to all there other goodies.

And don't forget, you can use my promo code, STMMMS11215, to get $10 off the My Memories Software and then an additional $10 off any purchase in the store. That's a pretty cool deal. The My Memories folks have some really great scrapbooking things. And even if you don't scrapbook, the software and extras are really awesome. I don't scrapbook, but I love the software to make interesting blog post pictures. I even used it last week to make some labels for my homemade granola bars, so J wouldn't have to guess flavors. Just use STMMMS11215 to get the discounts.

Have a fantastic weekend and never stop being creative.

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