Monday, October 15

New Buttons

I have recently found a local thrift store that has the mother-load of all buttons.  I'm serious, I have never seen so many buttons in a thrift store before.  The one's above were the ones that I had time to snatch up.  I love them.  I have so many ideas for these guys and I can't wait to go back.  Hey, a girl can never have too many buttons, right?

And these buttons made it possible for me to finish up a few small cuffs that I've been working on.  These were supposed to go with me to the Pow Wow, but sadly they didn't go anywhere.  The pow wow was canceled this year, but hopefully will be back on next year.  I would really love to go and I was extremely honored to be invited to participate.  So these bad boys will be going in my etsy store by the end of this week.  So keep a look out for them.

What did everyone else accomplish this weekend?  Did you make any new projects or finish up some UFOs?

1 comment:

Rose said...

Of course I love the buttons! How awesome to find them at a thrift store. They look beautiful on your new cuffs.

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