Monday, March 18

New Logo and some Buttons!!!

I'm getting ready for art show season here.  Okay, so there really isn't an art show season, because there are always shows going on, but during the summer months, there are a lot more you can be part of .  So I guess I'm getting ready for the summer season.

This year I decided that I would come up with a logo.  Something that I can put on everything.  Something that is simple, yet distinctive.  I took an online class about logo design and learned a lot.  I learned that simple is best and sometimes a simple text logo goes a long way.  Part of the homework was to sit down and play with different fonts.

So I opened up Inkscape (it's a free vector program.  If you want to play around with vector design without buying Illistrator, it's a great option) and got to work.  I wrote out my business name and then decided to shorten it for simplicity, so I dropped the "Design" from the logo.

I went through font after font to find a number of ones I liked.  This was a long process.  I chose a bunch of different kinds of fonts; serif, sans serif, and script.  I thought I wanted something in script.  But I didn't like anything.  So then I moved onto serif fonts.  It was starting to look better.

I then decided that I wanted to add a little something special to one of the letters.  I decided to make a little vector bead and add it to the "a".

Now I added the little bead to each one of the fonts I liked.  It was cute and I liked it, but I wasn't sold.

So I decided to try a sans serif font.  Might as well.  And low and behold, I found one that had a near perfect circle shaped lower case a.  The font was simple, yet bold.  I liked it.  So I added my small bead to the "a" and stood back.  Hmmmm, I think it works, but it still needs something.

Then I remembered from my logo class, you can play around with the shapes of the letters to create a unique look.  I pulled the bottom of the "s" out so that it underlined all of the letters in the name.  Oh I like this, I like this a lot.

I repeated all of this with different fonts to compare and contrast.

I didn't like the first one at all, but I did like the others.  But the bottom ones, the sans serif font, was really standing out.  I really liked it.  So the next test was to ask a few other people to see what they thought.

This is the winner!!!!  I really like it.  It's simple, but is still unique enough to work.  And it passes the test of being printed in black and white, so that's a plus.  And because it's all done as a vector image, it's scalable.  No matter how small or large I make it, it won't distort.  Awesome.

It was now time to use my newest equipment, my button maker.  Oh yeah, look at that pretty thing.  It makes 1 in buttons (about the size of a quarter), very nice buttons.

We (J is the resident button making expert) made a dozen up to test out the design.  It needed a little bit of tweaking.  We decided some of them needed to be in color, so here is the latest design.

And now I have a ton of buttons to give out at shows and to friends.  It's a pretty cheap and fun way to promote my store.

I also used my new logo on my latest Vistaprint order, but you'll have to wait to see what I ordered.  I have a few more things I need to order, like a custom stamp, and it will all have my new logo.  Woot, woot!

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