Tuesday, April 30

I think it's time for a birthday sale!

Yesterday was my birthday.  My 20s are over and I am now 30.  So what better way to celebrate then with a sale.  I want to thank all of my readers for your support.  I love all of you and you make this fun for me.  So now until Friday, May 3rd, you can get 30% off in my etsy store.  Oh yeah, you heard that right, 30% off everything.

You could get this pretty little necklace for your self or maybe for mom (remember Mother's day is May 12th).

Or maybe this pretty little beaded painting.

Just use coupon code 30BIRTHDAYPARTY to get 30% off everything.  How great is that?  So tell everyone you know, we're having a birthday party over here.

I leave you with the most adorable thing I saw this past weekend, a sleepy snow leopard.

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