Thursday, May 16

Enjoying the Weather

It is finally nice here in WI.  This past Monday, we had a freeze warning, a freakin' freeze warning, and now it's 80°.  Our weather is strange here in the Midwest.   But I've been enjoying the warmer weather.  I've been beading on the deck almost every night.

It's so nice to work on beady goodness while also enjoying the outside.  We live right by one of the conservatories here in Madison, so our back yard is full of bird songs and little critters.  It's a nice little get away.

I usually sit out here with an Arnold Palmer (half tea, half lemonade).  The dog lays in the sun and keeps me company until J gets home from work.

It also gives me time to practice taking pictures.  And look at that cute little camera strap I made myself.  I made that about an hour before we left for Brookfield zoo.  Hey I figured if I had to carry a large camera around with me I should probably be comfortable.

You can also see a little pug being sneaky on the chair in the background.  She loves to sit up on the chairs with us and she will either jump up there herself or beg one of us to put her up there.

And of course with the warmer weather comes the ice cream.  This is a sundae I got from Babcock the other day.  Oh how amazing it was.  Mint ripple ice cream, hot fudge, pecans, whip cream, and a cherry.  Delish.

So that's how I've been enjoying this wonderful weather.  What has everyone else been doing?  Is the weather as nice where you are as it is here?

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